Development Tooling Engineer -- Paris, France

  • Contract type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, Fr, France (75018)


We are looking for an accomplished Software Engineer to join the Nuxeo DevTools team.
You are an expert developer, dedicated to producing the best code and quality software.
You know the development process from the ground up and you are eager to learn more.
You want to work on the development tooling stack, help others work more efficiently, and provide them with the tools you wish you had?
If you're willing to put forth your skills and experience and work with smart, Agile people, then the DevTools team is waiting for you!

What you will do

Primary Responsibilities
Joining the DevTools team you will work with experienced engineers on improving and extending the existing toolset.

This can include:

  • Implementing the development workflow as automated pipelines and providing continuous build status on feature/fix wip, pull-requests, code reviews, etc.
  • Working with new scalable CI infrastructures based on AWS, Kubernetes, EKS, OpenShift, Jenkins Team
  • Enriching the Jenkins Pipeline tooling with shared libraries, sample usage and snippets
  • Improving code quality, completing the test coverage, performing static analysis, controlling dependencies and licences
  • Integrating the Build Status reports within the workflow and setting up enforced quality gates
  • Leveraging the team's "Code-Driven Tools" concept

Required Skills

  • You understand what developers do and you want to make their lives easier
  • You enjoy building tools for demanding technical workers
  • You like investigating issues and finding elegant solutions
  • You are willing to learn, upgrade your technical skills and cooperate with the other teams, helping them to improve the sustainability of their code
  • You pay critical attention to detail, you are very thorough and you recognize the importance of good documentation

Bonus points

  • You have an active FOSS profile: GitHub, StackOverflow, Mozilla, etc.
  • You speak DevOps and Agile
  • You promote the values of Open Source
  • You can finish this sentence: "if it is not tested, ______ !"
  • Manually doing the same thing more than once makes you super frustrated

What we are looking for

About the DevTools team
The team's main goal is to enable Nuxeo developers, building the tools and infrastructure they need to efficiently build, test, package, release and distribute quality code.
DevTools contributes to the development of Nuxeo Platform by fulfilling coders' needs, from simple advice to complete solution delivery.
Nuxeo Platform is an open-source, customizable and extensible content management platform. The code base is developed and supported by Nuxeo, with contributions from the community.
Dozens of developers are working concurrently on this code from several locations across the US and Europe.
The DevTools team works very closely with developers, monitoring their activity and identifying impediments in order to gather, share and improve company best practices, writing documentation guidelines and developing the necessary tools.
By extension, customers and other IT engineers are also part of the team's target audience.

The team's scope is quite varied:

  • Source code and development flow
  • Conventions and guidelines, documentation, internal support and training material
  • Testing infrastructure
  • Continuous Integration and Quality Assurance
  • Continuous Delivery, code packaging and release
  • Continuous Deployment for development or testing purpose (not production).
    • Dynamic environments for automated functional and integration tests
    • Sandbox environments for developers and product owners
    • Complex deployments to validate various combinations

The Nuxeo framework aims to provide an interface for all recognized, adopted and trending technologies including, but not limited to:

  • Java, Maven, Python, Groovy, Shell, JavaScript, npm, Gulp, Bower, etc.
  • Git, GitHub, JIRA, Slack, Nexus
  • Jenkins (especially Pipeline As Code), SonarQube, FastLane, SpotBugs, Coverity, etc.
  • Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA
  • AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift
  • Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS

Recruitment Process

  • Call with the HR team
  • Online technical test
  • Meeting in the Office (around 2 hours) with the hiring manager, potential coworkers, and HR Team.
  • Reference check
  • Onboarding packet + offer letter
  • Welcome to Nuxeo:) We will prepare your onboarding

Additional Information

  • Contract type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, Fr, France (75018)
  • Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
  • Experience Level: > 3 years