We are engineers. We’ve assembled a team that combines practical expertise in content management, application development, user experience design, and enterprise architecture. Whatever their role, each Nuxeo team member, combines an uncompromising engineering mindset with an unwavering focus on helping our customers solve their problems. There is a natural curiosity and a strong desire to share the best practices.

Eventually, we’re focused on creating the world’s most flexible, scalable Content Services Platform. We enable our customers to build applications that take advantage of the latest technologies and agile methodologies.

To achieve this, we built a platform and intuitive design tools that make it easy for them to quickly build the applications you need to solve even your most complex content challenges.

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Top 4 reasons to work for Nuxeo

Why they chose Nuxeo

I was looking for a software company where I could create software rather than just meet clients. Nuxeo fits that bill.

Arnaud Kervern

Arnaud Kervern

Software developer

I was a client of Nuxeo’s for two years. I liked the company and saw so much potential with the Platform that I decided to work there.

Lisa McIntyre

Lisa McIntyre

Solution Architect

I was looking for something more challenging technically. And what I really liked was the fact that Nuxeo was open source, and that it was an actual software vendor, which meant I could see customers in different domains, not just in one sector.

Bertrand Chauvin

Bertrand Chauvin

Training Instructor